(public offer)


The current "ADAB token" sale terms ("Terms" or "Agreement") are additional to: " WEBSITE USER AGREEMENT" and "Users Personal Data Processing and Privacy Policy on the Internet "" and establishes additional rules for "ADAB Token" purchase and sale.

In all other respects which are not specifically regulated by the current Agreement, the Parties are guided by the following terms: " WEBSITE USER AGREEMENT" and "Users Personal Data Processing and Privacy Policy on the Internet "".

The current Agreement acceptance by the Buyer means full acceptance of all current Agreement terms by this person permanently located at the address: Business center Al Shmookh BuildingUAQ Free Tarde ZoneUmm Al Quwain, U.A.E. The Seller suggests carefully read the current Agreement terms and refuse to accept it in case of disagreement with any of its points.

Adab Solutions FZC, Umm Al Quwain, U.A.E. is the seller under the current Agreement:

1. The current Agreement is not intended for any person or entity in the United States or any other jurisdiction or country where the current agreement is contrary to law or regulation or may subject and/or the organization responsible for ADAB tokens creation (including partners) or any of their products or services to any regulation, or licensing, or authorization requirement within such jurisdiction or country.

The current agreement is a public Seller’s offer (hereinafter referred to as the Administration, Website Administration) to sign up the current Agreement - on the terms specified therein, by attaching the persons(s) data (s) to it made by the current Agreement acceptance.

2. The current Agreement version is posted on the Seller's website at the address:

3. The current "ADAB Token" sale Agreement forms a legally binding agreement between the Buyer and the Seller and establishes general rules and procedure for "ADAB Token" sale and their purchase by the Buyer. Wherein:

a) "ADAB token" type tokens are the sale and purchase agreement subject - the internal "" project asset - serves as a software digital product created and released by the Right holder as a cryptographically secured Buyer's right expression for a part of the services provided by the Right holder.

"ADAB token" type tokens are a tool for funds raising via ICO (Initial Coin Offering - citizens' investments attraction in new cryptocurrencies/tokens release and sale form to investors). "ADAB token" does not represent any form of money or legal payment means, including electronic money. "ADAB token" are not consumer goods and their owners accept and agree they are not subject to consumer rights regulation protection of any jurisdiction. "ADAB token" isn’t deemed to be any securities and/or debt form;

b) the cryptocurrency - the sales and purchase agreement contract payment means is the digital cryptographic assets expression represented by Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and any other cryptocurrency type accepted during ICO by the Seller in accordance with the current Agreement and used by the Buyers in order to buy tokens.


Payment for "ADAB token" can be carried out by the Buyers only in Ethereum (ETH) and/or Bitcoin (BTC). The seller does not accept fiat currency as a payment for "ADAB token";

c) the sale and purchase agreement parties are:

the buyer – the current Agreement party is any person who uses the website in order to buy "ADAB token" type tokens via the Website account,

seller - the Right holder, acting as a person who releases and offers "ADAB Token" type tokens for sale in accordance with the current Agreement terms and other documents,

d) the current purchase and sale agreement acceptance is considered to be a special marking by the Buyer on his consent with the current Agreement terms in a special electronic form on the Seller’s website at the address:, and is equal to the personally signed Agreement/contract on paper. The offer acceptance is deemed to be irrevocable.

4. The parties’ responsibilities guarantees and limitations:

4.1. The Buyer hereby gives the following guarantees:

a) participation in the current Agreement will not be used by him in order to participate in any unlawful actions, including but not limited to money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, arms trafficking, terrorism, fraud or tax evasion;

b) The buyer is aware of all possible risks related to "ADAB Token" risks both while making exchange transactions, including due to sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate, and technological risks during their release and circulation, including "ADAB token" fixation rights risks and such risks can result in financial losses;

c) The Buyer hereby confirms he has reached the minimum age necessary for acquiring legal capacity and can independently carry out civil law transactions on his own behalf, in his own interests and bear the corresponding obligations.

4.1.1. The Buyer is obliged to reimburse in full, without exception, all losses, claims and liabilities (including legal support costs) which may arise as the Buyer's breach result of the current Agreement to the Seller, his employees, agents and representatives. The Buyer is obliged to release the Seller, his employees, agents and representatives from liability to third parties in full, for the actions specified in the current section and committed by the Buyer.

4.2. "ADAB Token" type tokens are provided the way they are available without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The buyer assumes all responsibility and risk with respect to any "ADAB Token" type tokens number purchase and use.

4.2.1. The seller is not obliged to provide the Buyer with corrections, additions, new computer programs versions used for the initial "ADAB Token" tokens sale. The software used for the initial "ADAB Token" tokens sale like any software is not free from software errors and failures. The Seller is not responsible for any errors, failures, violations in such programs operation, as well as for possible Buyer’s losses in this regard.

4.2.2. the Seller shall not be liable for Buyer’s provider operation failures.

4.2.3. The seller is not and can’t be responsible for the offense and/or non-occurrence of such result as: successful sales, and/or making conversions on the Buyer's side, and/or obtaining certain commercial success and/or getting a certain income, etc. from the Buyer's participation in the current Agreement. The effective implementation issue of the Buyer's participation result in the current Agreement is fully resolved by the Buyer.

4.2.4. The seller can’t guarantee the behavior, and / or be responsible for the third parties’ actions as well as the Buyer himself in making decisions on the "ADAB Token" tokens purchase.

4.3. None provision of the current Agreement give the Buyer the right to use the company’s name, trademarks, domain names and other distinguishing Seller’s marks.

4.4. Legal relations arising between the Parties as the current Agreement implementation result are not official and don’t create neither agency nor commercial representation relations between the Parties.

5. 345 000 000 (three hundred and forty-five million) "ADAB Token" tokens will be available during ICO.

6. ICO period:

- start: July 15, 2018,

- termination: November 15, 2018.

7. The buyer confirms has read and fully understood the White Paper.

8. All the payments in cryptocurrency are made at the smart contract address published on the Website.

9. "ADAB token" purchased by the Buyer shall be credited to the Customer's cryptographic wallet specified in the Buyer’s account.

10. Ownership rights to "ADAB Token" are transferred from the Seller to the corresponding Buyer upon "ADAB Token" payment procedure completion by the Buyer.

11. All transactions related to "ADAB token" circulation are made exclusively on the Seller's website:

12. The cost per 1 (one) "ADAB Token" is: 0.1 USD in the equivalent of ETH or BTC.

13. While considering the Buyer’s registration process peculiarities on the Seller's website, as well as "ADAB Token" purchase and payment process, the Seller assumes that all the actions on financial obligations acceptance by the Buyer are made through the "double opt-in" type application and consist of active Buyer’s actions and therefore these obligations rejection due to their "error" is impossible and is not considered by the Seller.

15. All "ADAB Token" purchases are final and can’t be canceled and/or returned.

16. The parties are exempted from liability for partial or complete non-fulfillment of obligations in accordance with the current Agreement if such failure to fulfill obligations was the force majeure circumstances consequence which arose after signing up of the current Agreement as a result of extraordinary events which the Parties could neither foresee nor prevent and which do not depend on the Parties’ will: earthquakes, floods, typhoons, hurricanes, military actions, mass strikes, mass diseases (epidemics), civil unrest (riots, rebellion), as well as the actions of state bodies of prohibitive and/or restrictive nature, in which result none Party can continue to fulfill own obligations in accordance with the current Agreement.

If any of the circumstances mentioned above directly affected the obligation performance opportunity within the time limit established by the current Agreement, this period shall be commensurate with the time of the relevant circumstance.



17. If the obligations non-fulfillment, arising from the current Agreement, lasts more than one month and there is no opportunity to make a mandatory statement on the circumstances termination date, hindering their implementation, each Party has the right to terminate the current Agreement unilaterally by notifying the other Party in writing, without mutual claims to each other.

18. In the force majeure circumstances case, the Party which can’t fulfill own obligations in accordance with the current Agreement is obliged to notify the other party of the occurrence and termination of the force majeure circumstances within five (5) working days.

19. The party which failed to fulfill own obligation on notify the other Party on the force majeure circumstances occurrence and sailed to confirm this fact by the corresponding documents (provided such a fact, by its nature, can be documented or the its documentary confirmation opportunity is provided by the current legislation), loses own right to refer to these circumstances later.

20. All disputes and claims arising between the parties hereunder shall be settled through compromise and negotiation. If it is impossible to reach agreement within thirty days from the day when one party notified the other of the dispute, the dispute may be referred to the court. The parties agree that such a court is a court located at the location of the Seller, or at the option of the Seller.

21. The Parties send all notifications, demands or other written appeals to each other at the ‘addresses Parties specified in the current Agreement. The above notices, demands or other written appeals shall be deemed delivered if they are sent by the post office in the registered letter form with the delivery notice - on the date specified in the delivery notice, are delivered by courier, shall be handed over after getting the personal Party’s or its authorized representative’s signature.

22. The Parties are entitled to terminate the current Agreement by mutual agreement.

23. If any of the current Agreement terms is found out to be invalid, this does not entail the whole Agreement invalidation.